The next election for Lake County commissioner is less than a year away. Running for Lake County commissioner is a big deal for me and should be for you. As taxpayers, we should be involved in our community and feel like we have a say in the management of our money. As a community, we have seen commissioners recently fail to be there for the people – meetings have been behind closed doors and without accountability. Our government in Lake County has been running rampant without direction and oversight. Where is our voice as a community?

My name is Sam Reynolds, and I am writing to the editor to announce that I am running for the elected position of Lake County commissioner for District 2. My first home of Woodland Park was small, much like Leadville. I finished high school in the Denver metro area, but something has always drawn me back to the mountains of Colorado.

I have worked in law enforcement for nearly five years in Leadville/ Lake County. I have seen the worst and the best in our government. I have seen elected officials forget that the community has a voice; these officials think they can run their offices without consequences, and at the expense of the community.

My goal for Lake County is to bring our voice back. In that vein, I have started a website to be as accessible as possible to you, the citizens. Please visit it to learn more about me and to share your ideas for our county at I cannot hope to be your representative without hearing more about what matters to you.

The history of Lake County and the future are both important to me. I believe we can respect the past while bringing in companies where you and your children can work so that you do not have to rely on job opportunities in other counties. Housing is a top priority for our community, and I am going to make it more affordable by further taxing Airbnb and similar vacation short-term lodging services. My personal goal is to confirm that there are contracts with third parties for rentals, third party employees, and that those third parties honor the county’s interests. With any issue facing the county, however, it is imperative that we pool our ideas together to manage it from all angles.

The only way we can pull together is through innovation and investment. I have more ideas that can help improve our local government so that we can work together to move this county forward. Thank you, and please share your vision for Lake County with me.

Sam Reynolds


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