We have concluded, based on our recent experiment with the Magic 8-Ball, that this is not the way to predict Leadville/Lake County’s future.

With the exception of two of our inquiries that haven’t played out yet, the 8-Ball was only correct in answering two of the eight questions we asked it.

One was whether voters would agree to let Salida join the CMC district. The 8-Ball said “outlook good,” and indeed the voters said yes.

The other was the prediction for substantial snow before Oct. 31. “It is decidedly so” said the 8-Ball. But, it’s not as if there were really any question of this.

The 8-Ball was not correct in predicting who would win the CMC trustee election. In fact it dodged the question when asked about both the local candidates. It also said the Herald could rely on getting more anonymous letters about the 2017 election for sheriff. This could still happen, but we have received none since the 8-Ball prediction appeared. Our own prediction is that the sheriff’s election will play a role in the upcoming commissioners’ election.

Then there is the question about whether the voters would approve the bond issue for a new school. The 8-Ball said, “Outlook not so good.” Oddly the Herald was criticized for publishing this by someone working for the passage of the bond issue. They thought we should have published the response to that question only if it was positive so that we would not somehow lead voters astray. Luckily a good majority of voters did not allow themselves to be led down the primrose path by the 8-Ball and voted yes.

So there it is. We don’t know if we will have additional affordable housing three years from now. (The 8-Ball said “no.”) We also don’t know if there will be a surprising result to the election for county commissioner in 2020. (The 8-Ball said “It is decidedly so.”)

This is a lengthy segue into the next county election in which we will select two county commissioners. We currently have one announced candidate. Rumors indicate several others will run. We want to invite any additional candidates to submit letters to us stating that they are running for office. In the allotted 500 words, you can tell us why you decided to run and your hopes for Lake County going forward.

The primary election is June 30, 2020, which will be preceded by the county assemblies. Once the holidays are over, the races will be on.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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