Boom Days starts on Friday, and for those who are new to this unique Leadville celebration, the Herald always has suggestions on how to enjoy the event to the fullest.

Plan your weekend carefully so that you can get the most out of the three-day celebration. For those who hope to see friends from out of town, be sure set the times and places you can meet so you don’t end the weekend without seeing the out-of-towners that you hoped to run across.

Friday night is the march of the Lions Club beer tent. Bring a pair of gloves and join in. All are welcome to participate, and that tent frame is somewhat heavy so your help is always welcome.

The motorcycle events complete the activities Friday night and each year seem to attract a bigger audience.

Breakfast followed by the Boom Days parade set the tone on Saturday morning. Cheer for Don Ferrie, parade grand marshal, and check out how the various floats and other entries depict the Boom Days theme, “70 years of hauling ass.”

The mining events get started in the morning, too, so plan your time carefully. If you have youngsters, you’ll want to get up to the football field for the kids’ games Saturday afternoon.

We like to warn participants to take some time before Boom Days to get to the ATM and obtain some cash. Some years the machines have run out, and you know you want to shop at the booths and pick up some Boom Days souvenirs.

Speaking of souvenirs, you can purchase the 2019 Boom Days T-shirts at the Boom Days tables in front of the courthouse and add this year’s garter to your garter collection. You can also get this year’s Boom Days buckle, designed by Bill Harrington, at the same location. And this year Boom Days shot glasses and bumper stickers will also be on sale.

You may also want to get a T-shirt from the mining competitions or the car show. And the burro race this year has caps for sale.

Wear comfortable shoes for the amount of walking you plan to do. Harrison will be closed to traffic as usual, and it will be difficult to find any parking close to downtown, so plan accordingly. For those who live downtown, you’d be well advised to park your car in front of your house, assuming you have no driveway or garage, and just leave it there for the entire weekend.

Boom Days is a dog-free event so leave your dog at home or make arrangements for doggy day-care. Dogs and burros can be a bad combination, as we’ve recently learned here in town.

Because you’re not driving, but are walking everywhere over the weekend, we don’t have to warn you about drinking and driving. Right?

Vendor food is always highly anticipated at Boom Days. Again it may take planning to ensure you hit your favorite vendors. Friday night is a good time for the food booths as the crowd is somewhat smaller.

The big events Sunday are the two burro races, but don’t forget to watch the mosey, the egg toss, the pie-eating contest and run over to the Elks parking lot to catch more of the mining competitions, especially the one featuring kids.

Considerable work by many people goes into Boom Days each year. To express your appreciation, all you have to do is enjoy every minute.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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