In November I am going to do my part as a community member and taxpayer of Lake County and Leadville. I am going to vote “yes” on 4A. A vote in favor of 4A will provide my community’s school district with the resources it needs to replace West Park Elementary, which is currently ranked among the state’s ten poorest-condition schools.

A yes vote this year will guarantee that 60% of the funds needed to replace the building will be paid for from a state grant (leaving me and my community to only pay for the other 40%).

Common sense is telling me this is the right thing to do. The building will eventually need to be replaced regardless. Why pass the cost off to future years, in which we are not guaranteed to have access to state grants to cover over half of the cost?

I want to see our school district spending its fiscal resources on continuing to improve the educational experience of our community’s kids, not on trying to keep an out-of-date building safe and functional. Our schools are the heart of our community, and I want to see the best for the kids of our community. Voting “yes” on 4A will increase my monthly community tax obligation by about $6.75 per month. This is an amount I am willing to take on to do my part as a member of my community.

Jeff Spencer


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