This week in this newspaper, Matt Main took the time to write a letter about the Get Outdoors Leadville Gear Lending Library and what a benefit it is to be able to borrow outdoor gear.

The week before, Harry Camp, after sitting through an interminable planning commission meeting, took pen (O.K., computer) in hand to express his appreciation for the volunteers who donate their own time on the various boards and commissions in this community. He could have complained about the hard chairs, but instead he was able to see the value of the time spent by others.

After a negative letter appeared about Colorado Mountain College this fall, numerous residents wrote in to tell us what the college means to them. There were so many incoming comments we began to suspect an orchestrated effort, but we’re fairly sure that many came straight from the heart with no urging.

Then there was the letter describing a visit from the fire department to investigate an odd smell and complementing those who showed up and the way they were able to discern the cause.

With so much negativity in the world currently, we’d like to see this as a trend. We’d like to see people open themselves up to the positive, even during a negative situation such as an overly long meeting.

What makes you happy about Leadville? What do you appreciate? Who is responsible for the particular thing that comes to mind?

For example, we appreciate those recycling bins in the Leadville Post Office where we can dump all those catalogs that we know we aren’t going to look at. Jack Saunders got this initiative started, and we’re grateful every time we unload a catalog or two.

This is not to say we don’t also appreciate letters from irate readers or those seeking to right a wrong.

But it seems easier to complain than compliment, or maybe anger spurs people on while contentment doesn’t have the same effect.

We encourage you to look for the little things that do matter and drop us a line to let us know what they are.

With this issue, we’re in the awkward position of not knowing if it is the Christmas issue or the New Year’s issue. It is dated Dec. 26, but it was printed Tuesday morning and mailed Tuesday afternoon. It appeared for sale in the local racks on Tuesday evening but our mail subscribers won’t get it until Thursday.

So this is an excellent time to wish everyone happy holidays because that covers everything, and we do wish you all the best.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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