We know this is the time of year when other people keep reminding us, or even nagging us, about that for which we should be thankful.

We know that thankfulness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so instead we’ll let you know a few things the Herald Democrat is thankful for, and you can agree ... or not.

We’re most thankful for reaching our 140th birthday and celebrating it with other businesses that reached this milestone.

We also are grateful for:

• The continued emphasis on finding ways to provide affordable housing;

• Conservation of land within the county to provide wildlife habitat and preserve the wilderness;

• The $2 million renovation at the Leadville Safeway;

• Surviving one of the toughest winters in recent times including numerous avalanches;

• Determining to establish a four-day school week in 2020;

• The Trail 100 Legacy Foundation doubling its contribution from $1,000 to $2,000 to Lake County High School seniors who continue their education after high school;

• Lake County’s efforts toward establishment of a water augmentation plan;

• An excellent summer of entertainment at the Tabor Opera House;

• The return of fireworks this past July 4;

• The real start of construction on the new St. Vincent Hospital (also known as St. Vincent Hospital #4);

• Having the first new subdivision in more than a decade make it through Lake County’s permitting process;

• Buttercup, a miniature burro, winning the Triple Crown (accompanied by Marvin Sandoval, of course);

• All the prizes, grants and awards received by various entities, because we know no one can write grant proposals better than Lake County folks;

• The return of gold mining to Lake County;

• The hard-working Friends of Twin Lakes and the many projects the group accomplished;

• A new and improved Ski Cooper with double- black diamond runs to open early in 2020.

These are in no particular order except for the one about us. But if you sit down at Thanksgiving dinner and your family does that thing about having everyone say what they are thankful for, feel free to borrow one of ours. Maybe the one about the water augmentation plan.

Or, like most of us, you can just say you’re grateful for your friends and family. That works too.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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