This is a very exciting time for our community. Voters just approved the funding we need to receive a BEST grant from the Colorado Department of Education to build a new pre-kindergarten through second-grade school. It’s a great feeling to have the community behind us.

A new school isn’t the only thing that we’ll be working on together as we head into 2020. Today, we launched a job posting as the first formal step in attracting a new superintendent to our district. We are searching for a leader to take the reins from Dr. Wyman when she retires at the end of June.

Dr. Wyman agreed to stay on this school year to work on projects that will set us up for success with a new superintendent in the 2020–2021 school year. We appreciate Dr. Wyman’s leadership and the progress our schools are already making this year toward our goals of ensuring students’ college and career readiness; providing engaging and rigorous learning opportunities; creating spaces that are safe, inclusive, and welcoming; and investing in people and facilities that make our district better.

Earlier this fall, we asked our staff, our families, and the wider community about the qualities and experience they believe are necessary for a superintendent to succeed in our district. Your feedback pointed to a leader with a collaborative and cooperative style who has experience working with multicultural communities, understands equity in education, and is committed to education focused on the whole child.

Additionally, there was consensus that we need a leader who will meet us where we are and grow with us. We aren’t looking to start over or chart a new path when it comes to education in Leadville. Instead, we’re looking for a leader who will further our bold and ambitious agenda, respecting and building upon our progress to date.

We are happy to report that the board and community are deeply aligned with our search for this type of leader.

The superintendent job is now posted at and the application deadline is Jan. 6, 2020. Please share the posting with your family, friends, and professional networks. We are looking for someone to live here and serve our community. The board will host opportunities for everyone to meet and provide input on finalists in February. We hope to announce our new Lake County School District superintendent in spring 2020.

Eudalia Contreras for the Lake County School District Board of Education

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