St. Vincent Hospital participated with many Lake County organizations and agencies in a recent consultation of Lake County’s emergency medical and trauma services. The consultation was made possible through a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment technical assistance grant and facilitated through Central Mountains Regional EMS & Trauma Advisory Council.

We had the privilege of hearing a summary report of the research in a multi-agency meeting on June 25. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity we all have to learn from this report and grow together as a community. It is clear to me that our community and our emergency services providers are fully dedicated to providing exceptional care and experience for our community and visitors in times of trauma.

The report from the consultants touched on many recommendations for improvement and collaboration. We heard loud and clear that our community and Board of County Commissioners want more financial insight on our ambulance department and services, and the tax dollars that the county invests to subsidize 911 response and ambulance services through St. Vincent Hospital.

We are committed to meeting with the commissioners, and together determining which financial reporting will support planning and analysis now and in the future. St. Vincent Hospital is fully dedicated to participating in future work that is likely to be an outcome of the report. It is my objective to work closely with our local government and agencies in support of building the best emergency services and trauma system in Lake County.

A dedicated team of consultants and experts in hospital and pre-hospital services worked diligently to assess trauma services in Lake County to make their analysis. I thank them for their time and expertise. Please read the full report at, at the footer link on our home page.

With gratitude,

Gary Campbell

CEO St. Vincent Hospital

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