Recently a letter was published decrying a decline in the services provided to Lake County by Colorado Mountain College. I found it very surprising because my experience and perception couldn’t be more different. In September when I walked into the CMC cafeteria for lunch and a Lions Club Meeting, I couldn’t believe the scene as I entered. It was full of students eating lunch, easily twice as many as I had ever seen before. It would seem that full-time student enrollment has grown considerably. You combine that with the large number of dual-enrollment high-school students that are also taking classes throughout the day and those numbers spell success.

They now offer four-year degrees and are continually looking to add new offerings as the need demands. My wife and I have enjoyed a couple courses ourselves in the last couple of years and found them to exceed our expectations.

The CMC students and faculty are very engaged in many non-profits. CMC provides community space for the Lions Club to meet each week. The 10th Mountain Hut Association has also used their space as has the LLCEDC. Students from CMC have helped the Lions Club cut Christmas trees for our annual sale. This falls during their Thanksgiving break, so it isn’t convenient. CMC staff sit on the Lions Club Career Fair Committee and many participate in the Career Fair itself. The Timberline Campus V.P. has served on the board of the LLCEDC since its formation in 2012. I would guess this barely scratches the surface of their community engagement.

The students in the culinary program work in the CMC cafeteria and there are many former CMC graduates that call Leadville home and have built businesses that contribute to our community’s economic foundation. I see evidence of CMC’s success everywhere I look.

I served on the board of trustees of CMC in the early 1980s and I am amazed at how far they have come. The next time you run across a CMC employee or trustee, don’t forget to say thanks for being such a large part of our community

John Wells

Lake County

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