The following is an email communication I sent to both of Colorado’s standing senators regarding the impeachment trial of President Trump. If you believe that the rule of law is above all essential to the conduct and preservation of democracy, then I would urge you to similarly communicate that sentiment to our senators.

“The position presently taken by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the impeachment trial process is both morally and legally deplorable. True democracy cannot survive the prevalence of the Machiavellian Principle that “Winning is more important than being right.” Partisan behavior is among the greatest weaknesses in our current democracy and allowing it in this case to prevail over what is right under law is an extremely dangerous precedent.

I urge you to vocally and strongly oppose partisan prejudice in the juror duties of all senators in this trial. Towards this end I further strongly recommend advocacy of a secret ballot to eliminate the threat of partisan recrimination.

You and all of the other senators have a conscionable obligation to our nation and the preservation of democracy to conduct this trial based exclusively on it merits based on law, devoid of partisan prejudice.

Thank you for your consideration,”

John Rainey


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