Leadville Racing, the Lake County High School mountain-bike team, headed to Snowmass on Sunday, Sept. 22, determined to rebound from unfortunate outcomes at the previous two races.

And rebound they did. The day started off with JV girls’ rider Michaela Main having to start dead last in her division. She put in a huge effort during the fairly steep uphill start and passed close to half the field. From then on passing became very difficult because of the nature of the course, and she ended up finishing 23rd out of 46 with a time of 1:08:59 for two laps.

The sophomore girls were next, with sophomore Elona Greene pressing hard at the start and moving up from the 20th position to finish 14th out of 40, a very impressive result for someone doing only her second mountain-bike race. Her time was 1:09:01 for two laps.

Next up was freshman girls’ newcomer Nina Schamberger. She also had to start dead last, but she wasted no time on the climb out of the start to be up in the top ten. She continued her assault on the field to end up finishing third overall out of 35, with a time of 59:21 for two laps.

Next up for Leadville Racing was freshman stalwart Matt Cairns. Matt took off hard trying to stay with the lead riders. Unfortunately he had a couple of minor mechanical issues which cost him several places, but he still ended up 10th overall out of 142 with a time of 52:55 for two laps.

At this point of the race Leadville was in a battle for a podium spot of second or third for the day. This put the pressure on team captain Matt Koch, and he did not disappoint. He proceeded to go out and have the best finish of his career, 15th out of 167 in a time of 1:19:40 for three laps. This was the first race that the team had five riders available to score towards the team results, and they finished second out of 18 teams in their division. This placing was a testament to their commitment and hard work during the two weeks leading up to this race. They will continue to train hard as they point toward the conference championships on Sunday, Oct. 6.

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