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Spring is in the air and our staff is anxiously awaiting summer, but while we wait there are a few programs coming up to keep you busy this mud season!

On April 27 and 28 PADI-certified instructor Paul Copper will turn you into a scuba lover in just two short days. Participants must first complete the preliminary self-paced DVD or book portion, then after the two days of confined-water instruction, students will need to complete open water dives. The cost is $199; that includes classroom instruction, confined-water experience and equipment rental. Questions? Contact Judy Green at 719-427-7892.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays starting May 1, let award-winning photographer Steve Sunday help you get the desired results from your feature-rich digital camera. Emphasis will be on scenery and wildlife, but classes will cover portraiture, sports and even pets. Lessons will start in the classroom at the Aquatic Center, but most sessions will evolve into field trips for maximum hands-on practice. Transportation is suggested but not required, and some easy hiking will be required on some outings. Participants must have their own camera (bring the owner’s manual if you have it!). The cost is $50. Questions? Contact Judy Green at 719-427-7892.

Adult Indoor Soccer, Dodgeball and Volleyball have been keeping a lot of people busy the past few weeks. Check out the standings for these programs:

Indoor Soccer will be starting its tournament on April 28. The standings are as follows: tied for 1st place are Cloud City FC and San Pancho FC; 3rd place, FC White Wings; 4th place, Crazy Bunch; 5th place, Stumptown Sounders; 6th place, Two Left Feet; and in 7th place, Mile High.

Coed Dodgeball is in its 4th week of play. In 1st place is Klondike & Snow Take Manhattan; 2nd place, Ballz and Dollz; 3rd place, Snoop Dodgy Dogs; and in 4th place, Rocky Mountain Drinking Water/Earl’s.

Reverse Coed Volleyball is in its 5th week of play. In 1st place are Whisky Slappers; 2nd place, Net Ninjas; 3rd place, Raptors; 4th place, JTT; 5th place, 360 Civil; 6th place, Sugar and Spikes; 7th place, Triple L Plumbing; 8th place, Scrap Dawgs; 9th place, Ridiculous Rhinos; and in 10th place, Das Bump, Set, Spike.

Register for any of our programs online by visiting If you have questions about any of our programs or facilities, please call 719-486-7484, 7486, 7494 or check out our website at

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