Mount Massive’s ridge

Madeline Short descends part of Mount Massive’s ridge.

The traverse of Mt. Massive has become a classic run/hike with many variations. The version of the traverse in the Talbot book is superb and provides a relatively quick and easy route to the ridge from the Windsor Lake trailhead. Once on the ridge views are breathtaking and there is often water flowing about five miles in near Africa Bowl. The section of the ridge north of Main Massive is quite bouldery and slow. Other variations not in the book include starting at the low point of the ridge at Hagerman Pass or linking into a longer traverse of the continental divide up and over Mt. Oklahoma and Deer Mountain then ending on the Independence Pass Road.

Start: Windsor Lake Trailhead

End: Fish Hatchery Trailhead

Elevation Gain: 4,900’

Elevation Loss: 7,100’

Total Miles: 16.8

Off Trail Miles: 9.5

Georeferenced Map:

This loop around French Mountain connects two old mining roads via a rugged pass. The pass is steep with loose boulders on the west side and much easier grass to the east. On your way up the Champion road, consider doing the half-mile round trip to check out the old Champion Mill.

Start: South Halfmoon Trailhead

End: South Halfmoon Trailhead

Elevation Gain: 3,200’

Elevation Loss: 3,200’

Total Miles: 10.6

Off Trail Miles: 1.2

Georeferenced Map:

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