Construction workers poor concrete for a residential building’s foundation at the Railyard during the development’s ground-breaking ceremony on Sept. 21. The Railyard’s developer, John Lichtenegger, hopes to complete 10 of the development’s residential structures in 2021. Commercial construction will be conducted further down the road.

A groundbreaking ceremony at the Railyard development on Sept. 21 marked the first stage of the project’s vertical construction beginning with six residential structures.

Since 2016 John Lichtenegger’s company, High Country Developers (HCD), has been working toward completing the 40-acre development on the edge of town.

Following multiple delays in the Leadville Urban Renewal Authority’s decision to subsidize the project this summer, HCD was able to begin constructing the homes this fall. 

HCD filed its major plat, planned unit development, and covenant and restriction documents for the project near the end of September, and construction on the residences began.

The foundation work is complete for the first six homes, and contractors will begin vertical construction shortly, Lichtenegger told the Herald.

Lichtenegger said this phase of construction will focus on the residential structures within the development, as well as completing infrastructural work like curbs and gutters. Commercial construction, which is set to face U.S. 24, will come later.

The current plan calls for 35 single-family homes, 36 townhomes, a 28-unit apartment building and seven condominiums to be built during the residential phase of construction, according to a press release issued by HCD.

Construction work on the first 10 residential structures will continue through the winter.

The homes have been listed with Independence Realty, and are scheduled for completion by spring of next year, Lichtenegger said.

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