Details for Position: Chief of Police Pay: $68,000-$72,000 based upon experience Responsibilities:

Position: Chief of Police Pay: $68,000-$72,000 based upon experience Responsibilities: The City of Leadville is seeking a highly qualified individual with experience in managing the daily patrol operations, investigations, support services, grant writing and operating budget of a 7 full-time sworn officers, 1 full-time administration position, and 2 part time code enforcement officer police department, serving a population of 3,000, and helping to cover a county of 8,000. The Police Chief must possess the knowledge, experience and proven ability to balance the needs of public safety and form a solid working relationship with the City of Leadville Officials. The Chief is required to reside within a reasonable distance from Leadville. The most common job duties of a police chief may include: * Enforcing national, state, county, and city laws * Overseeing the work of other police officers * Overseeing the police department's budget and operations * Promoting police officers who do exceptionally well * Disciplining officers who break the rules, miss work, or commit other infractions * Patrolling along with other officers * Collaborating with other officers as part of investigations * Working to develop and update department policies * Updating equipment for police officers Qualifications: Prefer an Associate's Degree in a related field and a minimum of seven years of experience as a full-time sworn law enforcement officer, with at least two years in a supervisory capacity at command level experience in a small to mid-size police agency or years of service equivalency. Must be POST Certified or be able to challenge the POST exam. Possess a valid Colorado Driver's License. Have a clean criminal record with no felonies or domestic violence charges. Successfully pass a background investigation, psychological examination, and written/oral interviews. Application/Hiring Procedures: Return completed application to the Police Department at 800 Harrison Ave. between 8am and 5pm. Deadline: July 5th, 2021 applications are available at the Administration Services Office in City Hall or online at: Positions open until filled. Please email Sarah Dallas at: with questions. The City of Leadville is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Application Deadline: July 5th, 2021


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