Rodeway Inn assault defendant Omar Ulloa-Velasquez appeared in Lake County Court for a status conference on Friday, July 29. 

Ulloa-Velasquez, 26, was arrested on Feb. 24 for his alleged involvement in a sex trafficking case of two juvenile girls. He faces a total of 13 charges, including pimping, pandering of a child and sexual assault.  

His co-defendant is former Rodeway Inn manager Harikesh Maurya, who was arrested on Feb. 16 and faces similar charges.

According to an incident report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, 27-year-old Maurya paid two juvenile girls to have sex with him at the Rodeway Inn back in February. 

Ulloa-Velasquez allegedly brought the girls to the Rodeway Inn from where they were staying in Denver. 

Ulloa-Velasquez paid for a room for the girls to stay in and left to go to work. The incident report says he did not want the girls to stay at his house because he has a 17-year-old nephew. 

When Ulloa-Velasquez returned to the motel, one of the girls said he forced her to “do the dirty with him.” The report says the incident occurred on Feb. 14. The last night the girls stayed in the hotel was Feb. 15. 

Ulloa-Velasquez’s next court appearance is a setting hearing on Sept. 8.

Maurya’s last court appearance was a status conference on July 7. He will appear in court next for a motions hearing on Aug. 4.

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