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Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger, Lake County Public Health Agency’s Medical Advisor and Chief Medical Officer of St Vincent Health, receives the first COVID-19 vaccine given in Lake County on December 22. Colleen Nielsen, RN, BSN, Director of Lake County Public Health Agency, administered the shot. Lake County is now scheduling vaccinations for residents aged 70 and above.

Lake County Public Health Agency began local COVID-19 vaccinations on December 22. Since that time, the agency has allocated over 260 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to first responders, healthcare workers and affiliated personnel in the Phase 1a category of the state’s vaccine distribution plan.

Through Lake County Public Health Agency’s (LCPHA) collaboration and coordination with St. Vincent Health (SVH) and Rocky Mountain Family Practice (RMFP), Lake County is now able to expand vaccinations to additional groups within the Phase 1b category. Both SVH and RMFP were approved by the State of Colorado as authorized vaccine providers and received transfer of vaccine from LCPHA last week. LCPHA anticipates receiving 100 vaccinations per week and will distribute them to the two medical offices.

SVH and RMFP began scheduling vaccination of Lake County’s residents aged 70+ late last week, beginning with residents 90+ and then moving through descending age groups. Each clinic will call their patients in these age groups to schedule vaccination appointments.

Lake County residents who are in the 70+ year old group but are not patients of either SVH or RMFP are instructed to call either medical offices to request an appointment. Lake County residents can contact RMFP at 719-486-0500 and SVH at 719-486-0230. Additional information is available at

“The overarching goal is to vaccinate our entire 70+ population by the end of February,” said St. Vincent Health  CEO Brett Antczak. “This is a fluid process with many variables. As we pursue this goal with our partners we will communicate often and widely to maximize our residents’ opportunity to receive the vaccination.”

As additional vaccine supply is distributed to Lake County, LCPHA, SVH and RMFP will begin scheduling appointments for the next groups prioritized in the state vaccination plan, including additional categories of frontline essential workers. LCPHA will provide on-going status updates on the Lake County vaccine plan and its progress at

A second “booster” vaccination is necessary on the 29th day, or after, following the patient’s first vaccination. That booster appointment will be scheduled on the day of the first vaccination. The vaccination is free to those with and without health insurance.

As of Jan. 10, Lake County’s two-week COVID-19 positivity rate was 18.3%, with 27 cases confirmed by LCPHA between Dec. 31 and Jan. 9.

LCPHA urges all Lake County  residents and visitors to continue their personal commitment to  COVID-19 precautions to limit the spread of disease as the community receives vaccinations and works to build broader immunity over the coming months.

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