Geoff Lautzenhiser

Colorado Mountain College Leadville Assistant Professor Geoff Lautzenhiser is the 2020-21 Faculty of the Year recipient. He teaches welding and oversees the campus’s welding department.

Colorado Mountain College recently named its outstanding faculty and staff for the 2020-2021 academic year. The college names overall employees college-wide, and also individually at each site.

Geoff Lautzenhiser was named Faculty of the Year for Colorado Mountain College’s (CMC) Leadville campus. He is an assistant professor of welding and oversees the welding department at the Leadville campus. Lautzenhiser and his students have built nearly every piece of furniture and fitting in the welding shop, as well as railings, bike racks and other items around campus. They also complete welding repairs on campus snowplows and snowcats.

“Fewer people are joining the welding industry than those retiring,” said Lautzenhiser. “I am motivated to bring in a new generation of welders.”

Richie Moutoux, who teaches electrical engineering, was named the Leadville campus’ Adjunct Faculty of the Year. A former faculty member at University of Colorado Boulder, Moutoux was a founding partner in Ethos Distributed Solutions, which services and installs renewable energy systems.

The Leadville campus also recognized Annette Johnson as CMC Leadville’s 2020-2021 Full-Time Staff of the Year for her role as an enrollment services assistant.

Kelli McCall, professor of developmental education, joined a number of colleagues in her praise of Johnson’s positive contribution to the Leadville campus.

“Annette provides a wonderful environment as the first person anyone sees when they walk into the building,” McCall said. “She is truly a lovely person to work with and we are grateful to have her on the team.”

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