The Lake County Community Fund Board of Directors met on April 7 to determine recipients of two 2020 grant awards, the Lake County Community Grant and the new Copper Mountain Resort Award.

The Board awarded $31,000 to nine Lake County nonprofit organizations as part of the community grants and $25,000 to four nonprofits under the Copper Mountain Resort program. Recipients were selected through a grant application process.

The City of Leadville provided $9,000 in funding for the Lake County Community Grant.

For the month of April, LCCF distributed more than $105,000 to Lake County nonprofit organizations. Also funded were the LCCF Disaster Relief Fund and various nonprofit organizations through the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation United Way contributions company-match program.

Lake County Community Grant

The Lake County Community Grant supports projects that fit within the following areas:

  • Arts and culture
  • Community and economic development
  • Education and training
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Health and wellness

The recipients of the Lake County Community Fund’s 2020 Grant Awards are:

— The Advocates of Lake County: Awarded $6,000 to cover upkeep and utilities to ensure that facilities remain operational.

— Buena Vista Rotary: Awarded $500 to purchase 30 infant/child car seats in partnership with Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue.

— Cloud City Wheelers: Awarded $1,976 in funding for single-track trailhead improvements in the Turquoise Lake area.

— Full Circle of Lake County: Awarded $1,000 to fund the Family Resource Connection Project which connects families with opportunities, events, organizations and resources available in Leadville and Lake County.

— St. George Episcopal Church: Awarded $9,200 to fund the purchase of an electric double full-size convection oven for the new kitchen which will function as a hub for Lake County residents to access wholesome, nourishing foods.

— Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation: Awarded $2,018 to fund the purchase of a movie projector at the Tabor Opera House to allow local organizations holding events at the opera house to show films as part of their event.

— Lake County Build a Generation: Awarded $3,712 to fund an AmeriCorps VISTA position. The VISTA position will help strengthen Lake County Build a Generation in its first year as a stand-alone nonprofit.

— Bright Start Learning Center: Awarded $5,000 to fund operating costs associated with running an early childhood education center for Lake County children.

— Planned Pethood Leadville: Awarded $1,594 to purchase medical equipment for the Leadville Lake County Animal Shelter for preventative procedures, software to improve shelter management efficiency, staff training and animal training, and safety equipment.

Copper Mountain Resort Grant

In 2020, thanks to a $25,000 gift from Copper Mountain Resort and POWDR Corp., a new grant-making program was initiated to fund projects that inspire a healthy, adventure lifestyle among Lake County youth, promote lifetime sports, and protect our natural environment. The criteria are as follows:

  • Outdoor adventure education
  • Development of lifetime sports skills
  • Environmental causes

The recipients of the Copper Mountain Resort Award are:

— The Center Early Childhood Programs: Awarded $2,000 to fund the learn-to-ski program for twenty pre-school children. The learn-to-ski program advances the goals of health and wellness, youth-oriented outdoor adventure education and teaching lifetime sports skills.

— Cloud City Conservation Program: Awarded $5,937 to fund the expansion and improvement of the community garden component of the Cloud City Farm so that it is a welcoming community space. Funding will help address the environmental impact of our local food system while also increasing access to healthy food, reducing food insecurity and engaging residents in environmental issues hands-on through Lake County’s first community garden

— Friends of Cloud City Ski Club: Awarded $5,000 to fund the purchase of rental cross-country ski gear for high school and middle school skiers in the Cloud City Ski Club programs. The objective is to engage a diverse group of skiers at a young age so that they will learn to love the sport and want to continue it throughout their lives.

— Get Outdoors Leadville!: Awarded $12,063 to support the Rockies Rock Summer Camp, an eight-week summer enrichment camp for first through eighth grade youth. The program will teach human-powered outdoor recreation, placed-based environmental education and character development.

LCCF Disaster Relief Fund

In 2018, LCCF established the disaster relief fund as a community safety net in the event of a natural disaster. The fund is now being utilized to deal with the COVID-19 crisis by channeling immediate humanitarian needs to Lake County’s most vulnerable citizens.

As of May 1, and thanks to contributions from Lake County citizens, businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, the disaster relief fund has distributed $39,686 to 52 households representing 135 individuals for rent and utility assistance.

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

Through the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation United Way contributions company-match program of the Climax Mine, Climax Molybdenum Company, the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation has contributed $9,819 through the Lake County

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