The Boom Days mining events for both kids and adults were a huge hit this year and attracted spectators all weekend who found themselves on the edge of their seats. 

Jesse Pattridge received the All-Around Miner Award this year. 

On Saturday, Aug. 6, Dominick Patti took first in the single jackleg drilling event at 2:30.72. 

Pattridge won the men’s spike-driving competition at 44.89 seconds. Suzanne Manly took first in women’s spike-driving with a time of 1:14.65. 

Pattridge won again in men’s hand-mucking at 1:43.00. Debbie Caves won women’s hand-mucking at 1:15.82. 

Pattridge also won the men’s hand-steeling competition at 7”. Manly won the women’s hand-steeling competition at 2¼”. 

On Sunday, Robert Hessner, Joey Santaniello and Pattridge won the team jackleg drilling competition at 3:53.54. 

Pattridge and Greg Hosler won the double-jack drilling competition at 19 1/8”.

In the kids’ hand-mucking events, Frankie Nooft took first at 38.60 seconds in the five and six-year-old division. 

In the seven and eight-year-old division, Hobbes Mallozzi took second at 29.25 seconds. Olive Mudge was first in the nine and ten-year-old division with a time of 29.47 seconds. 

Any winners who left the event before getting their trophies can contact Sandy Booth at 970-389-9297.

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