The graduating classes of Lake County High School and Cloud City High School were awarded a variety of scholarships at Senior Scholarship Night on April 28. The ceremony was held earlier than in past years in order to give students time to determine how to best use scholarship funds.

Michaela Main is the Lake County High School Class of 2021 valedictorian. She plans to attend Colorado School of Mines next fall.

Fabian Jimenez received a full ride to Colorado School of Mines as a Boettcher Scholarship recipient. Jimenez hopes to study civil and environmental engineering during his time in Golden.

Anthony Martinez was awarded a track and field scholarship to Metropolitan State University where he plans to study construction management.

Dylan Windorski is the recipient of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Chancellor’s Award, a merit scholarship for $10,000 over four years.

Every senior in the graduating class was awarded a Leadville Trail 100 Legacy scholarship.

Seniors and the scholarships they received are listed below:

Juan David Aguilar: Trail 100 Legacy

Oxana Aguilera: Trail 100 Legacy

Andy Agustin Alaniz: Trail 100 Legacy

Collin Avery Allen: Trail 100 Legacy

Bryan Almanza-Portillo: Trail 100 Legacy

Andrew Joseph Ayers: Trail 100 Legacy, Keough Family Foundation, Leadville Boom Days, Ski Cooper

Brando Owen Azeltine: Trail 100 Legacy

Nancy Montague Brown: Trail 100 Legacy

Stephanie Cardenas: Trail 100 Legacy

Ryan Steven Carrizales: Trail 100 Legacy

Grecia Abigail Castillo Coto: Trail 100 Legacy, P.E.O. Madalyn Videtich Memorial Scholarship

Jason Shakir Cayetano: Trail 100 Legacy

Barbara Elizabeth Chavez Sanchez: Trail 100 Legacy, Dessie Marie Powell, Sylvia Stoner Memorial Grant

Ricardo Gurrola Chavez: Trail 100 Legacy

Tyra Ann Chavez: Trail 100 Legacy

Phillip Mitchel Clickner: Trail 100 Legacy

John Finbar Cremin: Trail 100 Legacy

Francis Clairece Del Gonzales: Trail 100 Legacy

Taylor Leigh Duel: Trail 100 Legacy, Baron Education Safe Driving Award, Donald P. Thoren Pathways, Keough Family Foundation, Ski Cooper

Jonathan Antonio Espinoza-Mendez: Trail 100 Legacy

Jesus Isaiah Ferran: Trail 100 Legacy

Baltazar Garcia-Perea: Trail 100 Legacy

James Michael Garrison: Trail 100 Legacy, Ski Cooper

Christian Alexis Gutierrez Nunez: Trail 100 Legacy

Elia Nactali Guzman-Ortega: Trail 100 Legacy, Mary B. Cassidy, Ski Cooper

Vanessa Hernanez Mercado: Trail 100 Legacy, Sylvia Stoner Memorial Grant

Marianna Hernandez-Trejo: Trail 100 Legacy

Fabian Rodrigo Jimenez: Trail 100 Legacy, Boettcher Scholarship

Marco Cesar Leanos Hernandez: Trail 100 Legacy, Cloud City Cruisers

Paulina Arreola Lizardo: Trail 100 Legacy

Moises Lopez: Trail 100 Legacy

Benjamin Zachary Lowry: Trail 100 Legacy, Elks Club Chris Quinn Scholarship, Climax Molybdenum, Ski Cooper

Teresa Viviana Lozano: Trail 100 Legacy

Alexander Noah Maes: Trail 100 Legacy

Michaela Grace Main: Trail 100 Legacy, Sylvia Stoner Memorial Grant

Adrian Carlos Mariano: Trail 100 Legacy

Ivan Marin Escalera: Trail 100 Legacy

Aurora Jean Maruffo: Trail 100 Legacy

Ethan Andrew Martin: Trail 100 Legacy

Anthony Michael Martinez: Trail 100 Legacy, Leadville Boom Days, Ski Cooper, Metropolitan State Track and Field Scholarship

Vincent Jesus Martinez: Trail 100 Legacy

Pablo Leroy Mascarenas: Trail 100 Legacy

Cabrini Rose Medina: Trail 100 Legacy

Javon Zavier Medina-Vargas: Trail 100 Legacy

Sujey Ivet Montes: Trail 100 Legacy

Andres Miguel Montoya: Trail 100 Legacy

Isabella Rain O’Herron: Trail 100 Legacy

Leslie Judith Olave-Bujanda: Trail 100 Legacy

Yasmine Jade Pereida: Trail 100 Legacy, Lila B. Nelson, Ski Cooper

Yasmine Rea Pizana-Beck: Trail 100 Legacy, Sylvia Stoner Memorial Grant

Jocelin Yeresney Rea: Trail 100 Legacy

Briana Andrea Rodriguez Montes: Trail 100 Legacy

Kevin Sierra: Trail 100 Legacy

Jesus Manuel Sifuentes: Trail 100 Legacy

Kaytlin Savanna Sprague: Trail 100 Legacy

Neva Ann Sunday: Trail 100 Legacy, Earl Boeve Scholarship, Climax Molybdenum, Donald P. Thoren Pathways, Ski Cooper, Sylvia Stoner Memorial Grant

Bryan Omar Torres Escalera: Trail 100 Legacy

Fenna Evangeline Tufte: Trail 100 Legacy, Delta Kappa Gamma

Evelyn Villalobos: Trail 100 Legacy, Mary B. Cassidy

Grady William Vosecky: Trail 100 Legacy

Morgan Lee Wadsworth: Trail 100 Legacy, Elks Club Chris Quinn Scholarship, Ski Cooper

Shyler Di Ann Wilson: Trail 100 Legacy

Dylan Joseph Windorski: Trail 100 Legacy, Adolph and Mary Ann Sadar, Elks Club Chris Quinn Scholarship, Climax Molybdenum, Corinthian Lodge #35 Gary Baker, Masonic Benevolent Fund Vocational Grant, Ski Cooper, University of Colorado Colorado Springs Chancellor’s Award

Reilly Aiden Wood: Trail 100 Legacy

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