Lake County Build a Generation and the Youth Master Plan/Health Equity Steering Committee announced an opportunity to apply for $25,000 in funds from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Award this week. The award will be given in one lump sum to a community project that best exemplifies the prize criteria.

The $25,000 prize fund was awarded to the Lake County community from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) after Lake County Build a Generation (LCBAG), Lake County Public Health Agency and Lake County School District applied on behalf of Lake County.

Lake County was the first Colorado community to win the award. In its award announcement, RWJF noted the local community’s broad-based partnerships, strong resident engagement and innovative strategies to improve health in Lake County.

In awarding the funds, LCBAG is seeking applications from community projects that:

— Consider all the things that contribute to health, such as personal behavior, clinical care, social and economic factors, and the physical environment. The nonprofit is particularly interested in projects that focus on social and economic factors such as education, employment, income, family support, social support and community safety. LCBAG is looking for projects that address the most important challenges in the community and utilize community strengths to make change.

— Bring together many people from the community to see what is needed for better health and equity. LCBAG is particularly interested in projects where a group of community leaders and/or organizations are working to change policies or systems in order to provide long-lasting solutions.

— Work to identify, reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in health, in collaboration with those most affected by poor health outcomes. The nonprofit is especially interested in projects that engage residents from excluded or marginalized populations and/or those most affected by poor health.

— Support and build leadership skills and abilities across fields such as business, government and the nonprofit sector. Projects should foster leadership skills and capacity among the community.

— Aim to improve the community by working with resources already existing in the Lake County, with priority given to early intervention, a focus on the social and economic factors that influence health, thinking about how to invest resources equitably, and work to boost and strengthen the understanding that everyone in a community can create change and live in the healthiest way possible.

— Have clear goals and objectives, a plan for tracking outcomes and a way to share success when goals are achieved (or to change course as needed).

Applications are due by April 2. Eligible applicants include 501(c)(3) organizations or government agencies located within Lake County. Eligible parties also include projects using a local 501(c)(3 or government agency as a fiscal agent.

For more information, download the application at for English or at for Spanish. Questions not answered by the application can be directed to Eudelia Contreras (in English or Spanish) at

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