Lake County District Court declared a mistrial in the case of Sally Glaser, rescheduling the trial that was set to begin this month for later in the year.

At what was originally scheduled to be a pretrial readiness hearing Jan. 7, Judge Catherine Cheroutes declared the mistrial in light of a district-wide cancellation of jury trials amid the ongoing pandemic.

Jury trials, requiring groups of people to gather for extended periods in a confined space, have been suspended throughout the Fifth Judicial District until March as a safety measure against the spread of COVID-19.

The trial has been reset to begin March 8, and is scheduled to run through March 18.

Cheroutes proposed rescheduling the trial to a mid-summer date to mitigate the likelihood of another schedule change, but it was ultimately reset within the statutorily allotted 90 days following the declaration of a mistrial.

Though the dates have been reset, Cheroutes warned of the possibility of another disruption to the early spring dates as the pandemic continues to interrupt normal court operations.

During the hearing, the court dismissed two motions filed by Glaser’s defense attorney Donald Cutler, one of which called for a site visit to the Pitts Elementary School building, where the alleged crimes took place, during the trial.

Glaser’s defense also moved to remove a forensic interview conducted with one of the alleged victims as evidence in the trial, though Cheroutes dismissed this motion as well.

Glaser stands accused of multiple charges of sexual assault on students while working as a teacher at The Center Early Childhood Programs.

She is set to appear for a pretrial readiness hearing Feb. 18 at 1 p.m.

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