Veronica Rimbert

Veronica Rimbert operates the counter at Mountain Dogs Romp & Chomp with the help of Layla.

When Carol Nowakowski decided to retire as the owner of Cold Nose Warm Heart Pet Care, Leadville local Veronica Rimbert saw a chance to take on a business of her own. At the beginning of September, Mountain Dogs Romp & Chomp began to serve customers who had already been coming to the business for years.

Rimbert, a self-proclaimed dog lover, said the opportunity presented itself as a good fit. She has been busy since the shop open.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time,” Rimbert told the Herald while explaining her aspirations to own and operate a business.

Since mid-September, Rimbert has been adapting the store to her vision and rolling out her services.

From dog and cat food, treats and toys to guinea pig and chicken feed, she plans to continue carrying much of the same stock the business hosted under the previous owner. Rimbert may expand products further down the road.

In addition to pet food and supplies, Mountain Dogs offers boarding and daycare services for Leadville’s canine population. 

Overnight care for as many as 12 dogs at a time, size and demeanor depending, is available, and Tuesday and Thursdays are local play days with half-priced day care for Leadville’s dogs.

Mountain Dogs also offers grooming services, both through a staff member and a do-it-yourself dog grooming station that patrons can rent.

Beyond products and services, Rimbert wants to act as an educational hub for pet owners in the area, offering advice and samples for pets’ dietary needs.

In adopting the new name and brand, Rimbert hopes to serve the wide range of outdoorsy dogs that inhabit Leadville and Lake County.

“Any dog can be a mountain dog,” she said.

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