Up and coming Leadville artist Marley Seifert stands in front of a mural she painted off Harrison Avenue.

Marley Seifert doodled her way through high school. And college. And into a career as an artist living in Leadville with work featured by local shops and national brands.

“I just always had a notebook, doodling little creations,” Seifert told the Herald.

She kept at it, growing in the form and expanding her skillsets, and after moving to Leadville in 2017, she eventually sold her first painting at Harperrose Studios. From then on she knew she could make a living from her art.

Working under the name MS Designs, Seifert creates images inspired by Leadville. Whether the mountains, houses, trails, or people, Seifert said she draws inspiration from Leadville everywhere she turns.

Her main media are watercolor paints and ink, though she said she enjoys trying other forms, such as wood burning. She offers a range of products featuring her artwork, including original paintings and drawings, prints, stickers and apparel.

At Leadville Outdoors, you can find hoodies featuring Seifert’s images, and her artwork, including original paintings and ink designs, is available at Harperrose Studios.

Through collaborations with national apparel brands, images of Seifert’s have recently been printed on backpacks, fanny packs, hats and wallets, most of which are available on her website,

There, you’ll find more prints and originals, and information about how to commission Seifert for artwork.

Recently, Seifert teamed up with Before and After to design a table for the new business, and helped create the sign for another local business, Flatiron Metalworks. Seifert’s work is also on display downtown, where she painted a mural at 322 Harrison Avenue last October.

Though Seifert splits her time between her art and a part-time photography job for now, she’s working toward becoming a full-time artist and collaborating more with local, regional and national partners.

While she said she doesn’t plan on having a storefront or studio in the near future, Seifert’s grateful for the opportunities she’s had to feature her work in local shops, and is equally grateful for the support she’s received from the community.

“I don’t think I could do this anywhere else,” she said, expressing gratitude for the supportive community she found in Leadville.

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