The Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands Leadville Ranger District will continue the closure of National Forest System Road 110, locally known as Halfmoon Road, for safety and roadwork reasons until further notice.

“The road is closed because there were countless times last year where two-way passing in traffic was impossible and compromised the safety of all visitors and limited emergency services,” said Leadville District Ranger Patrick Mercer. “Keeping that in mind, we cannot responsibly open it again until the sightlines and width of the road are addressed.”

The closure begins just past the Halfmoon East and West Campgrounds, still allowing visitors to drive to the camping area. Motorized traffic is not permitted beyond the closure. Unless otherwise posted, parking outside the closure barriers is also permitted along the road shoulders and in the small lot near the closure.

“I recognize that the timing is terrible and this closure impacts locals and visitors alike,” said Mercer. “We are doing what we can to get the road completed as soon as possible and kindly ask for patience in the meantime. In the end we should have a product that will safely serve everyone for years to come.”

Non-motorized travel is permitted on Halfmoon Road. Visitors should be aware that heavy equipment may be present in the area and are encouraged to be safe when accessing the recreation areas past the closure.

Visitors wanting to hike to the summit of Colorado’s tallest peak, Mount Elbert, can also access the mountain through two alternate trailheads, South Elbert and Black Cloud. Visitors may also access the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, which crosses NFSR 110, at multiple other entry points. For further information about the project, contact the Leadville Ranger District at 719-486-0749.

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