The Silver Llama, formerly known as Cookies with Altitude, has undergone some drastic changes in the past few months.

According to owner Sherry Randall, the re-branding of Cookies with Altitude was just as important as the change in location. Randall always felt that the name Cookies with Altitude restricted what her business could provide for the community.

The name Silver Llama was in the back of Randall’s mind for quite some time. The title comes from Leadville’s silver mining heritage and from the use of llamas to support the Leadville Trail 100. “We are bringing the past and present together,” Randall said.

Moving locations came with challenges. “The change was rushed but the team have been rock stars,” Randall told the Herald.

The Silver Llama saw an increase in customer traffic after opening. According to Randall, keeping up with the amount of business and adjusting to the community’s needs has been challenging but fun.

Before moving to the new location, Randall had to take an empty room and make it a comfortable space that people wanted to enter and enjoy. Designing was a challenge in itself. The owner wanted to achieve a modern and pop look, “something you wouldn’t normally find in the mountains” she said.

Now that the Silver Llama is closer to the center of town, Randall hopes that more people will find it. Patio seating will be available during summer months. The upstairs area is planned to be used as an event space in the future, as Randall hopes to host more community events.

Randall originally moved to Leadville from Detroit to start a bed and breakfast. When that didn’t work out, she bought Cookies with Altitude.

Cookies with Altitude was originally envisioned to be temporary while she looked for a job, but by the end of the first summer, Randall knew this was what she wanted to do. Ten years later, she is still going strong.

The Silver Llama is making an impression by bringing fresh and colorful food to the mountains. “This is something our community deserves” Randall said.

Randall’s goal is to provide food you can’t get just anywhere. Eventually, the owner would like to have a market-like aspect to her business. Customers will be able to walk in and grab fresh salads, pasta, vegetables and bread to take home and enjoy.

Alcohol will not be available at the Silver Llama. The restaurant does not have a liquor license, by design. Randall wants to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the community that isn’t centered around drinking.

“The amount of support is overwhelming” Randall said.

The Silver Llama is open from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. The kitchen opens at 6:30 a.m.

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