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Groucho LeMieux’s art installation, LAST WORD, is now available for viewing at Ahab & Absalom.

Groucho’s LAST WORD is a visual art show and installation featuring new works by Leadville resident Groucho LeMieux. Readers may know LeMieux from his tenure as a bartender at Scarlet Tavern, or from his scenic painting for the Lake County High School musicals. LAST WORD is an opportunity to see the work behind “the Grouch.”

Featuring small-scale block prints and larger screen prints, LAST WORD presents prints alongside etchings made since LeMieux’s arrival in Leadville in 2017. The works are presented in conjunction with the Artville Artist Residency program, and several prints are a result of collaboration between Groucho and Saint Genet, a two-time Artville guest.

LAST WORD also debuts a collaboration between LeMieux and Florista Spells @floristaspells, using etched works to showcase Florista Spell’s floral arrangements.

Due to COVID-19, there is no official opening event. However, in order to encourage COVID-friendly, in-person engagement with the art, the venue and artists are offering a drawing to those who stop by Ahab & Absalom in person to see the show. Participants need only take a photo of their favorite part of the installation and post it on Instagram, tagging #grouchoslastword, @ahabandabsalom @floristaspells and @groucho_lemieux in order to be automatically entered into a free drawing to win a 4” x 6” print, one of Florista’s floral arrangements in an etched bottle, and a $10 Ahab & Absalom gift card.

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