The Leadville Race Series (LRS) announced the cancellation of all June 2020 events last week. These include the Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half, the LT100 Training Camp and the LT100 MTB Training Camp. The race series attributed the cancellations to concerns over the health and safety of participants, sponsors, fans and the community, as well as the fact that local officials are restricting events through the month of June due to uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 situation.

Cancellation of the June events also results in cancellation of the 2020 Leadman and Leadwoman competitions. Entrants in these categories will have the choice of rolling their entries over to 2021, obtaining a refund of their entry fee, donating their entry fee to the Lake County School District to help support the current lunch program (currently serving three meals a day to over 700 students), or donating their entry fee to the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation. All other registrants to the canceled June events have these same options available.

The race series is deferring decisions to proceed with the remaining 2020 events: Silver Rush 50 events (July 11 and 12), the Leadville Stage Race (July 31-August 2), the Leadville Trail 100 MTB (August 15), the Leadville 10K Run (August 16) and the Leadville Trail 100 (August 22-23). LRS intends to announce any future cancellations or rescheduling at least four weeks in advance of the event.

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