As restaurants remain closed to the public, takeout and delivery food orders are an important source of revenue for Lake County’s restaurant owners, chefs and servers. Leadville Main Street’s “Takeout Takeover Fridays” campaign encourages locals to buy takeout to support such establishments, particularly on Fridays.

Thanks to the ingenuity of local restaurants, the takeout options in Lake County are now more varied than ever.

The Silver Llama Market & Eatery, for example, offers daily “market specials.” In recent weeks, the ready-to-eat meals for two have included sweet potato gnocchi, chicken florentine, chile mac and cheese, and meatloaf.

Wild Bill’s Restaurant, on the other hand, is now selling “ice cream blasts” to go while Casa Sanchez is dishing up drink-at-home margaritas with the purchase of food.

Some restaurants are also offering special promotions. For example, Quincys Steak & Spirits’ “snap and share” challenge asks customers to share photographs of their takeout on social media for a chance at winning a $10 gift card. And Golden Burro Cafe is serving up $5 breakfast from 6 a.m. to noon with 50% off mixed drinks.

Some restaurants have started selling pantry items, in addition to prepared food, as grocery stores experience shortages. Treeline Kitchen is offering flour, toilet paper, 30-egg flats and a variety of vegetables while Twin Lakes Inn is selling orange juice, butter, bacon and other staples.

And High Mountain Pies, which built a strong takeout business before COVID-19, is now selling merchandise online.

Though the public reopening date for restaurants’ brick and mortar facilities is up in the air, takeout is always just a phone call away.

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