The Center Early Childhood Programs closed on Sept. 10 after confirming two positive cases of COVID-19 within the preschool’s employee/student population. Two cohorts at West Park Elementary School began quarantining on Sept. 11 due to possible COVID-19 exposure following probable cases in the two groups.

According to Lake County School District (LCSD), The Center employee(s)/student(s) who tested positive for the virus have been instructed to isolate. This requires staying at home for a minimum of 10 days or until cleared by medical release.

Lake County Public Health Agency is conducting contract tracing to identify and notify individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 through close contact at The Center. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close contact includes: face-to-face contact within a six foot proximity of an infected person for 15 minutes or more, being within a closed room or space with an infected individual for 15 minutes or more, direct physical contact with an infected person and/or direct exposure to an infected person’s respiratory droplets.

“Staff and students at the other buildings are not currently affected as a whole,” LCSD Superintendent Bethany Massey wrote in a letter sent to parents on Sept. 10. The district does not plan to close other schools at this time.

The Center will remain closed through Sept. 20. The preschool will offer remote learning beginning Monday and boxed meals will be available for students while the preschool is closed.

“We are concerned about the individuals and families of these individuals who have tested positive and wish to offer them confidentiality and privacy during this time,” Massey wrote. “We are also working closely with local public health to make sure we are being actionable in keeping other staff and students safe.”

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