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Mayor Greg Labbe facilitates a discussion among a group of community members, local law enforcement agencies and city and county government officials who are working to create the Leadville/Lake County Law Enforcement Board.

Community members, local government officials and law enforcement agencies are in the process of reviving the Police Chief’s Advisory Panel, once active under former chief Rob Glenny, under a new name and with different goals.

The process was initiated in August by One Leadville, a group of community members that has organized demonstrations and advocated for community-centered police reform throughout the summer. The process moved forward last week with a second meeting to determine the scope, membership and purpose of the new board.

The board, which is set to meet six times a year to facilitate communication between the community and local law enforcement agencies, is a reinvention of Glenny’s advisory boad, which he established in 2018. A lack of participation and administrative changes have left the previous board inactive and created an opportunity for the new group, Mayor Greg Labbe said earlier this year. 

Labbe facilitated much of the meeting’s discussion, which focused largely on what the new iteration of the old group would strive for in terms of functions and goals.

According to the mission statement developed in the Sept. 8 meeting, the group will work to “build trust, facilitate communication and create a healthy partnership between law enforcement and the community of Leadville/Lake County.” 

The working name, the Leadville/Lake County Law Enforcement Board, is set to be changed once the group is assembled and the membership is determined.

Participants agreed to staff the board with representatives from various communities in Leadville and Lake County in an attempt to represent the needs of stakeholders from across the county.

A subcommittee from the group will begin recruiting participants from various communities in Lake County this month, including representatives from the Latinx, senior, and teenage communities. Additionally, the board will seek a representative from Twin Lakes, Colorado Mountain College, Lake County School District and an owner or employee of one bar within city limits.

“The end goal is so everyone here feels included,” Christian Luna-Leal, a Leadville resident advocating for the formation of the board, said.

The participants hope to have the new board staffed and operational before the end of the year.

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