Emma Mims holds a piece of art she created.

It’s back! 3-2-1 Fridays: Leadville’s Summer Artist Series returns Friday, June 17 at Harperrose Studios. Local artist, entrepreneur and recent high school graduate Emma Mims will demonstrate her multimedia string art. Come see Mims’ creations and demonstration from 5 to 8 p.m. at 601 Harrison Ave.

Mims started working at Harperrose in 2019, surrounding herself with artists. In December 2020, the pandemic kept everyone close to home and challenged 16-year-old Mims. Determined to make personal Christmas gifts for family and friends, Mims looked around, found wood, nails and string and developed her signature string art style. Mims’ work has been sold at Harperrose since July 2021.

Mims admits, “Art kept me sane during the pandemic.” Inspired by other local artists, Mims went bigger and more colorful, with most of her pieces now 4x5.’ She finds the wood, stains it, builds the frame and starts pounding the nails and wrapping the string.  Mims loves her work; “Every piece is unique and perfectly imperfect.” Indeed, her work can’t be copied, printed or duplicated. “Look closely, and you will see the imperfections and crooked nails,” she added.

Mims’ artistic talents and entrepreneurship have broadened her horizons. Recently announced as assistant executive director of the Cloud City Wheelers, she designed the group’s website and organized A Wheelie Cool Art Gala, a fundraiser for the Cloud City Wheelers. “It combined my interest in business and art,  definitely a great way to contribute to both,” Mims commented.

In May, Mims was invited to Salida to exhibit her art for a women’s business and entrepreneurship conference.  She felt inspired by Colorado women and what they are doing, and emphasized her support in women’s empowerment. Mims wants to pay it forward: “I want to inspire young people to follow their hearts and talents.”  

Join Mims to see her create her string art on June 17, the first 3-2-1 Fridays event. Light refreshments will be available. Harperrose Studios and The Leadville Arts Coalition  (LAC) proudly cohost this event. LAC plans to serve wine and sell memberships, as they too are back after a two year pandemic break with a new board member: Emma Mims.

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