Golden Eagle Drilling

Golden Eagle Drilling works on a well at the southern fire station. The company donated well drilling services to the project.

As construction on the southern fire station progresses, local and regional partners have contributed to work on the long-term project.

One such group, Golden Eagle Drilling, helped the new station by donating its well drilling services to the project.

Golden Eagle’s manager, Nathan Bluett, had followed the story of the southern station as a community member and business operator in Lake County. After seeing some of the challenges the project has faced in financing vertical construction, Bluett thought Golden Eagle’s well drilling services may help.

The plan, originally, wasn’t to donate the services. The company responded to the county’s request for proposal to drill the well, but soon after, Bluett was struck with an idea – Golden Eagle may be able to help the project by carrying on with the work as normal, but waiving the bill.

When the company delivered its invoice after finishing the job last September, it reflected the services rendered, free of charge.

When asked why donate the time and labor for the project, Bluett said as a resident of Lake County, he’s seen the need for the second fire station, and wanted to help support a community that’s supported him for years.

Bluett oversees day-to-day operations for Golden Eagle Drilling, which he said does a significant portion of its business in Lake County. The company has been owned and operated by Joe and Sharon Shelton since 1958, Bluett told the Herald.

“I can’t take credit for it actually being donated,” he said, explaining that the decision went to the Sheltons.

Bluett went on to credit Robert Shelton, who he said did much of the onsite work on the well, which was drilled over the course of about one day last year.

Bluett valued the work at around $9,000.

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