Kim Kegu

Kim Kegu is now human resources director at St. Vincent Hospital.

The St. Vincent General Hospital District Board of Directors has an open seat, vacated by board chair Kimberli Kegu this month.

Kegu, a resident of Leadville since 2005, has accepted the position of human resources director for the hospital following the departure of her predecessor, Christin Logan.

Kegu is well acquainted with the operations and goals of St. Vincent Hospital, having served on the hospital board since 2017. Now, she moves that knowledge from a volunteer leadership position to a central leadership role.

“I’m glad to have been part of the planning and implementation of the new building and additional services in the past two years,” Said Kegu. “My focus on expansion will continue in my new role as HR Director.”

Kegu has several years in business as her foundation; having served in management roles where she performed HR duties and oversaw staffing.

“Kim is a proven member of our team. This is a role that needs strong execution during the hand-off between directors,” said CEO Gary Campbell. “Kim has made herself available to jump in and not miss a beat. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and integrity continue to impress me.”

St. Vincent’s Board of Directors vice chairperson, Aleta Bezzic, will serve as interim chairperson for the time being. Letters of interest from Lake County residents or non-resident property owners who want to join the hospital board are being accepted until Jan. 17, 2020. All those who submit a letter of interest, and are eligible, will be considered for appointment to the vacant seat at the Jan. 23 regular board meeting.

The hospital district is scheduled to elect board members in May of 2020. There are three seats that will be available. In addition to the seat vacated by Kegu, the seats that currently are filled by Aleta Bezzic and Craig Stuller, previously appointed to the board in 2019 and 2018, will be open.

At the time of this press release it is not known which candidates, incumbent or new, will run for the hospital board in May.

Letters of interest can be sent to Karen Onderdonk at or St. Vincent Hospital 822 W. Fourth Street, Leadville, CO 80461. Questions about St. Vincent Hospital can be also be directed to Karen Onderdonk at 719-486-7135.

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