Who said it and why? The following quotations are taken from issues of the Herald Democrat during 2020. They are presented in no particular order.

“We don’t frequently know in advance what changes will be mandated by the Governor’s Office, but we hope local businesses can be minimally disrupted again as we continue to move through the pandemic.”

– Lake County Public Health Director Colleen Nielsen on addressing the relaxation of business restrictions during the pandemic

“It’s a different way of getting to graduation that provides more flexibility and is more individually tailored to each student.”

– Lake County High School Principal Ben Cairns on the opening of Cloud City High School

“I think, organically, it will grow locally and regionally, pretty rapidly.”

– Sean Simon, of Leadville/Lake County Fire-Rescue, on the county’s new training facility which will host outside agencies

“We were thrilled to discover the historic significance of the Tabor Opera House curtains and sets during last winter’s workshop.”

– Mary Ann Graham-Best on the Tabor Opera House’s cataloging of its historic stage set pieces last year

“The demand for anything bike related, like, tripled.”

– Rafael Millan-Garcia, owner of Leadvelo Bicicasa, on the increased sales in recreational equipment during the pandemic

“The Arkansas River Diversion was a well-planned collaboration between public utilities, government agencies and organizations that utilize the river for commercial rafting and fishing.”

– Greg Baker, manager of Aurora Water Public Relations, on the river diversion project completed south of Granite in July

“I only lost one judge that was afraid to do it because of COVID, and I’ve actually added others that are willing to do it despite COVID.”

– Patty Berger on the pandemic’s impact on election workers

“What do we want to become: Stagnantville or thriving Leadville.”

– Jason Hall in voicing his opposition to the proposed changes in Leadville’s regulation of the short-term rental industry

“One type of threshold we have responded to, in the case of The Center, is the number of staff having to quarantine, and the number of staff/substitutes available to cover classrooms to ensure we have adequate supervision of our students.”

– Superintendent Bethany Massey on the closure of Lake County schools due to COVID-19 infections

“I don’t want to think small. I’m talking about a commuter rail system. Something like the airport train in Denver.”

– Entrepreneur Cristof Stork on reestablishing the Union Pacific rail line through Lake County for commuter service

“It’s bittersweet for me to leave. I’m happy for myself and I’m sad I’m leaving Leadville.”

– Brad Palmer on retiring as director of Lake County Public Works

“In the spring, when COVID-19 first arrived in Colorado, no one – from Lake County to the highest offices in the state – had faced this type of situation before and we had to invent a framework to respond to it.”

– Lake County Public Health Director Colleen Nielsen on the fast-changing nature of pandemic information

“No one wants to be back in the classroom more than our teachers but believe me there is fear out there.”

– Roxie Aldaz, of the Lake County Education Association, on Lake County School District considering the risks of in-person education during the pandemic

“I’m very proud to have been a small part of what we have been able to do within this community.”

– Lake County Open Space Initiative Facilitator Mike Conlin on accepting the 2020 Doc Smith Leaders in Conservation Award

“We used to have three a week, now we’re having 14 a week.”

– Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger on the spike in COVID-19 infections last fall

“This process wouldn’t have happened without the support of the community, so it’s definitely designed for the community.”

– Jackie Radilla on the construction of the Get Outdoors Leadville! gear library

“If we can’t get out in front of this, we’re going to be having to deal with homelessness – a much more difficult problem to tackle than evictions.”

– Mayor Greg Labbe on the city’s decision to fund the Unmet Needs Committee as evictions loomed

“Over three years of planning and fundraising have allowed the Wheelers to create these trails.”

– Cloud City Wheelers Executive Director Sterling Mudge on the expanded Turquoise Lake single-track trail system

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