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Hostel won’t happen

by Ann E. Wibbenmeyer

Herald Staff Writer

August 3, 2006


Bryan Edlund withdrew his conditional use permit application for a hostel at 527 Elm Street.

“At this time I think there is a need to consult some professional help with this endeavor and events that have already taken place,” said Edlund in a letter to City Council announcing his withdrawal.

He claims that since the public hearing on his proposed business, he has been cursed at, had lies circulated about him, had people snooping about his property, and had rude comments made about the race of one of his tenants.

“Obviously the residents of Leadville would rather keep innovative ideas and new style of businesses away,” he wrote. This could be why there are so many empty business buildings in town, he added.

His application went before the city Planning and Zoning Committee for a public hearing on June 20, when it was recommended to City Council for approval.

Concerns expressed by citizens at that meeting included the type of people that would stay at a hostel, dropping property values because of the type of business, and the deterioration of the building even with the business operating in it.

City administrator Linda Hollenback wrote, “I am very disappointed to see this type of behavior from citizens of our community and understand the applicant is leaving the community and starting his business in an area that will accept and welcome this type of business.”

This was in response to the withdrawn application and explanation from Edlund.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, council member Betty Benson and Mayor Bud Elliott voiced similar sentiments about the withdrawn application.

Work starts at Climax

by Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor


Demolition work is starting at the Climax Mine this week, according to Phelps Dodge spokesman Ken Vaughn.

The contract for the demolition work was awarded to LZI Environmental Services, a Denver firm.

It is anticipated that the demolition at the mine will take up to two years, and 30 to 40 people are being hired to work on the project.

When construction begins, some 400 to 500 workers will be hired, he said.

In the meantime, Phelps Dodge is completing its final feasibility study and obtaining the permits it needs. The estimated date for the mine opening is still 2009, Vaughn said.

Boom Days Top 10

August 10, 2006


As usual, members of the Herald Democrat staff put their heads together to come up with a top 10 list for Boom Days 2006.

If anyone has points that we have forgotten, feel free to drop us a line. Here goes:

10. The extremely well-organized kids’ events held at the Lake County High School stadium on Saturday. We understand that the rain even held off until all the races were run. Now that’s organization!

9. People descending on the food vendors and on the Lions tent like locusts seeking sustenance. The food, as always, was great, and people didn’t seem to mind waiting in line.

8. The increasing realization each year that a “dog-free event” means “don’t bring your dogs.”

7. Bringing T.H.E. Boomin’ Auto Show to the downtown area. It was an opportunity to disperse the crowd farther down the street, and probably resulted in more people seeing the cars.

6. Matt Lopez taking his first bull ride at the Lake County Rodeo.

5. What rain? Although the weather could have been better, especially Saturday afternoon and evening, some people continued to visit the booths in the rain Saturday, and others huddled under their umbrellas for the Saturday night rodeo. It also made for full houses at all local restaurants and the Eagles’ spaghetti dinner.

4. Joan Clower riding down Harrison Avenue in a tub wrapped only in a towel for the Leadville Hostel float. What a babe!

3. George Benson’s first stint at putting on a Boom Days as president of the Boom Days Committee (of course, he had some great help). Bring your suggestions, if any, to the next Boom Days meeting.

2. The Herald Democrat winning first in the commercial category at the parade. It’s not just that winning is nice, it’s the fact that our small staff doesn’t mind getting together to risk acting silly once in a while (and remember, this is our top 10 list).

1. Hearing others say what a great place Leadville is. As one example, this was overheard on Harrison Avenue during the parade: “I’m from Texas, and I love it, but I love Leadville even more.”

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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