When was the last time you wandered down Harrison Avenue? Not just stopped by a restaurant to pick up food, but actually checked out which businesses are new and which storefronts are empty?

I did this last week and found while many things remained the same, there were clearly some changes.

For example, I remember worrying about the summer of 2020 because that was when Harrison  Avenue would be paved and the handicapped crossings would be upgraded. Of course, due to the pandemic, it turned out that there were no events of substance happening along Harrison last summer: no races, no Boom Days, no Fourth of July parade, so one could say 2020 was the perfect time for those improvements.

What’s new? This newspaper has already run stories about the new owners of the Golden Burro and their plans, along with the new Elevation Goods shop carrying Colorado-made items. The new place for cocktails, Before and After, brought to Leadville by the Treeline Kitchen people, opened this past year. Destinee Yudnich’s flower shop, Blue Vessel Florista, has moved to the American National Bank Building space. The former Book Mine is now Custom Fit Blinds and will be taking appointments, according to the signage.

The Mule Kick is one of the businesses that has closed on Harrison. That space currently is being used by Melanzana to store fabric. Melanzana is temporarily closed, and appears to be getting in shape  to reopenfor the summer season.

Some buildings to watch in coming weeks and months are the former Bailey Kent Funeral Home and the spaces at 311-313 Harrison Ave.

Good luck to our local businesses over the summer months. Although I suspect that Harrison will be filled with tourists this summer, it is still important for Leadvillians to shop locally (not “shop local”) and support these shops and restaurants. Remember, sales tax money collected locally goes back into the city and county coffers.

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