Highlights from the

Carbonate Chronicle

75 Years Ago

Throngs Of Visitors See First New Ford

November 5, 1945


Over 500 persons visited Stacey Motor company on V-8 Day and had the pleasure of seeing their first new automobile in four years—the 1946 Ford. The people’s enthusiasm over the new Ford, commenting especially on the large amount of chromium, the fine upholstering, the roominess of the interior and the sturdiness throughout.

The Staceys report that numerous sales of both Ford cars and trucks were made yesterday.

The 1946 Ford will remain on display until Thursday, November 1, and then the public will be invited to ride and drive the ’46 Ford.

Drainage Tunnel

Should Be Finished,

Says Mining Record


A LOUD-MOUTHED Oklahoma congressman, who would evidently like to prevent competition to his western mining states, has labeled the Leadville drainage tunnel in Colorado a “monstrosity.” The congressman should consult his dictionary before using words beyond one syllable. If he had been familiar with the Leadville mine drainage project and if he is a patriot who wants to see his nation make progress, he would forget his selfishness and applaud this laudable Colorado undertaking.

THE GENTLEMAN from Oklahoma should contact the Bureau of Mines in Washington and get the facts about the Leadville drainage project. He would learn of the immense metal production that will be available after the mines are unwatered. He would learn that the Bureau chose a shallow drive for the tunnel thru the sedimentary formation so as to speed completion of the drainage to make metal production quickly available for war. Leadville mining experts advocated a deeper drive thru the granite, and it is now known that the deeper tunnel thru the solid formation could have been more quickly completed than the present tunnel, which has been only about one-third completed with the $1,400,000 government appropriation practically exhausted.

THE GOVERNMENT made a mistake in trying to drive a tunnel thru the soft sedimentary formation, and it should complete the present tunnel or it should junk the present bore and drive the lower tunnel thru granite, as was originally advocated by Leadville mining men. The government should not quit now, because if it does it will lose the money already invested in the project, and its action will certainly be a very poor example to be followed by western mining operators.

THE BILL to provide $400,000 to complete the Leadville tunnel, now before a house committee at Washington, should be recommended and passed. The Leadville mines have added some $500,000,000 in metals to the wealth of the nation, and are entitled at least to fair consideration by Congress.—The Mining Record.

Two Lost Hunters Found In Cabin

November 19, 1945


John Saucke and Joe Bogunovich, Leadville youths, were found at midnight last night in an empty cabin in Cache Creek Canyon after a several hours search by authorities and relatives.

A party of hunters including Saucke and Bogunovich and Elmer and Edward Kutzleb went hunting yesterday on the flats west of Granite. In the afternoon the party got separated. Toward evening, Elmer Kutzleb and his son, Edward, returned to their car which they had left near Granite. They waited, but when it became dark and Saucke and Bogunovich did not show up, the Kutzlebs drove up on the flats and tried to locate the two boys. They could not find them, so they went back to Granite and Mr. Kutzleb called Sheriff McMurrough at 8:45 p. m. The sheriff, Undersheriff Buck Glenn, John Sheffield and Sheffield’s brother-in-law went to Granite and joined the search, and at midnight the two boys were found five miles up the canyon in the cabin where they had started a fire going and were safe and warm.

Saucke and Bogunovich said that after they had become separated from the Kutzlebs that they must have lost their direction, and instead of walking back to Granite they had continued on west and into the hills.

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