to Ensure Cybersecurity Compliance Training and Policy Creation for Counties in the

NW Colorado Region

Grant Manager: Lake County Dept. of Human Services Operations Assistant Christin Logan

Grantee: Lake County Dept. of Human Services

Lake County Dept. of Human Services (DHS) seeks a qualified cybersecurity Contractor to help DHS departments in the NW region of Colorado ensure cybersecurity compliance through policy creation, employee training and staff support. The Contractor will, along with the assistance of the Project Manager, guide each county DHS team to achieve compliance in alignment with the Colorado Information Security Policies (CISP) standards and the requirements outlined within the state’s Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF) Cybersecurity Incentive.

Project Description

The NW Region Cybersecurity Compliance grant has four main objectives:

 • Goal 1: Help participating NW Region counties become eligible for the Cybersecurity Incentive.

 • Goal 2: Create cybersecurity policies tailored to each county based on their business practices and ensure alignment with CISP guidelines. The grant will help each county get these policies adopted in their county among all staff.

 • Goal 3: Offer regular cybersecurity training sessions from contracted cybersecurity contractor.

 • Goal 4: Create a training program that directors can use for new hires and for regular employee training.

The purpose of the NW Region Cybersecurity Compliance grant is to offer full county staff training and support to ensure compliance with Colorado Information Security Policies (CISP). Through the work of a Contractor, as directed by the Project Manager, the grant will build a cybersecurity plan for each county, with department-specific policies that align with CISP. The Project Manager will oversee the routing and editing of policies for each participating county. The grant will incorporate the key elements of a successful cybersecurity program that each county will find easy to adapt and modify over time.

To build on the adoption of cybersecurity policy within the organizational culture, the grant will offer regular virtual and/or in-person training on cybersecurity best practices throughout the life cycle of the grant. The Contractor for this grant will provide training, under the direction of the Project Manager, that works to reduce or eliminate resistance, address barriers, enhance comfort level within teams and focus on management as the guide for behavioral acceptance from the team.

An expert panel made up of NW county IT roles will also provide additional support in educating county employees on proper security protocols. This NW Cybersecurity Advisory Group will offer invaluable perspective due to their experience in working within the county business structure. The group will continue on after the grant to serve as an advisory body to the region. The Contractor will assist in forming this advisory group and will provide guidance and direction for the group, at the direction of the Project Manager.

The ultimate goal is to implement cybersecurity practices that allow counties to be compliant with the requirements listed for HCPF’s Cybersecurity Incentives program. To accomplish these goals, the Contractor will maintain a number of logs in order to track data:

 • Policy Collection Log: Creates list of policies needed for each county within the requirements outlined above.

 • County Training Log: Tracks trainings by month and by county with completed trainings.

 • County Meetings Log: Tracks meetings by month and by county with meetings and collaboration required for grant.

  • Grant Activity Log: Tracks information by month and by county with activities engaged in and performed by Contractor pertaining to the work of the grant.

Timeline: The time frame for this grant is 12-16 weeks beginning September 2021, with an opportunity for an extended time period if funding allows. Strongly preferred: Experience working in County Department of Human Services, including development of policies and adoption of policies by boards of county commissioners; experience with all Human Services programming and use of databases utilized by Human Services staff members; understanding of State-supervised, county-administered Human Services model and IT support structure; in-depth knowledge of County Human Services business practices and operations.

Interested Contractors may apply for this grant opportunity by submitting a summary and plan for policy creation and training within the goals outlined above by August 18, 2021. Responses to this RFP shall be evaluated strictly in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFP and any addenda that may be issued. All responses will be reviewed by the Lake County Purchasing Agent for completeness. The Board of County Commissioners will select a contractor and give notice to proceed no later than September 15, 2021.

All interested parties must submit their bid by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. Questions about the RFP or this process can be directed to Christin Logan, 719-293-0120 or Proposal packages must be mailed to the following address: Kristol Hewlett, Attn: Purchasing Agent, P.O. Box 964, Leadville, CO 80461. Electronic copies of the proposal may be sent to the Lake County Purchasing Agent at, along with a statement in the body of the email waiving the proposer’s right to a sealed bid.

Any proposals received after this date and time will be deemed unresponsive. Lake County reserves the right to accept or deny any and all proposals, to re-solicit proposals, to waive any irregularities, to negotiate pricing and to select the proposal deemed to be in the best interest of Lake County. Issuance of this RFP does not obligate Lake County to award a contract, nor is Lake County liable for any costs incurred by the proponent in the preparation and submittal of the proposal.

Published in the Herald Democrat July 29 and Aug. 5, 2021.

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