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I moved to the Salida area 37 years ago mainly because of the scenic beauty, love for the outdoor activities available here and the friendly “small town” atmosphere.

I was born and raised in Niles, Michigan.

I met Wes and Nancy Hill at a previous business I owned. I decided to get my real estate license and go to work for them at Wes Hill & Associates --- that was 22 years ago and I have not had a good reason to leave.

As a youth my parents were in the grocery business, so from the time I was about four years old until age seventeen I always had a job (or chores).

After high school I decided to try something else (besides working for my parents). I went to work at a men’s clothing store where I was promoted to manager of a branch location for about four years until “Uncle Sam” called on me. I spent two years in the U.S. Army (1964-1966). I was sent on maneuvers for 30 days on the Mohave Desert (Operation Desert Strike) which was quite an experience. Most of my company was sent to Viet Nam but I was fortunate enough to spend my remaining tour of duty at Fort Hood, Texas.

After my discharge I returned to Niles, Michigan where I was hired by IBM Corporation in South Bend, Indiana . I spent four years with them in an administrative position.

In 1970 my best buddy and I decided to move to Colorado for a new venture. We purchased a restaurant/lounge in Poncha Springs, Co. The business was good to us but was not “our thing." After that I worked for Dr. Wendall Hutchinson on his ranch for a couple years before becoming the local Farm Bureau Insurance agent for about five years.

I have enjoyed my 25 years in the real estate business very much. It can be very challenging and sometimes discouraging but on the good side you have the opportunity to meet and work with many enjoyable individuals and help make their dreams come true.

I have owned a small ranch for over 30 years where I used to run a few mother cows, now only have time to put up some hay for my horses.

My wife, Bev, and I enjoy golfing (when we have time) and spending time with our family. I am an avid hunter and enjoy horseback riding in the mountains. And now you know the “rest of the story”-- 25 years with Wes Hill & Associates - Real Estate Professionals. 

"When Dee & I decided to move to Salida 15 years ago, we contacted all the realtors in the area.  Only 2 responded.  One was Fred, who showed real interest.  Fred proved to be the honest, loyal and competent realtor that we were searching for.  Thanks Fred!"  Tim Dillon - Salida resident

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