Outside the house

Undersheriff Jacob Freidenberger, Sheriff Amy Reyes and two LCSO deputies stand outside the house at 424 East Eighth Street after serving a warrant on suspicion of drug possession and distribution early Sunday morning. After arresting seven people inside the house, LCSO proceeded to gather evidence and document the state of the property.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Leadville Police Department executed a warrant on suspicion of drug possession and trafficking Sunday morning at 424 East Eighth Street in Leadville.

Sixteen law enforcement officers from the two agencies arrived at the house on Leadville’s east side to serve the warrant.

After receiving reports of suspicious activity at the residence, and following up with evidence-gathering and surveillance, LCSO determined probable cause for filing for the warrant August 8 for suspicion of possession and distribution of narcotics, Sheriff Amy Reyes said. 

LCSO arrested seven Leadville residents: Kevin Woods, 37, on criminal possession of a financial device; James Woods, 62, on possession of a controlled substance; Brantley Joel on assault on a police officer; Fawn Weich, 29, on possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a financial device and a marijuana offense; Michael Mounce, 38, on two counts of possession of a controlled substance and a marijuana offense; Joshua Auten, 49, on a marijuana offense; and Patrick Schwendner, 38, on a marijuana offense.

Inside the house, deputies found heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, and pharmaceutical drugs, Undersheriff Jacob Freidenberger added.

Reyes and one LCSO deputy were injured during the raid.

The house, which was found in a state of disrepair, is likely to be condemned by the fire marshal, who was on scene late Sunday morning documenting the property, Reyes said.

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