The following information was provided by the Leadville Police Department (LPD):

— On October 2, officers arrested Ryan Serens, 26, of Leadville on an active warrant. Serens was later charged with possession of weapons by a previous offender.

— On October 2, officers assisted LCSO by providing body cameras while deputies conducted a search warrant. No LPD officers assisted with the search.

— On October 4, officers and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) were dispatched to a possible trespass on Poplar Street. Yesenia Chairez, 26, of Leadville was issued a summons for possession of a Schedue II controlled substance.

— On October 4, officers and LCSO responded to an intoxicated juvenile on Poplar Street. No charges were filed.

— On October 5, officers took report of a missing person. The last known location of the male was unknown but there was a Lake County address located in the database. The person was contacted in Denver.

— On October 6, an officer responded to Lake County Intermediate School to take a report of harassment over Snap Chat. The suspect is unknown at this time.

— On October 6, an officer conducted a welfare check on West Chestnut Street. After gaining entry into the home it was found the resident had passed away.

— On October 7, officers were dispatched to Chestnut Street on report of an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle was towed; no owner has been located.

— On October 9, officers were dispatched to Clarendon Avenue on report of domestic violence in progress. Jarod Fox, 41, of Leadville was arrested for domestic violence and other charges.

— On October 9, officers responded to East Sixth Street on report of arson. The fire was quickly put out.

— On October 10, officers were advised of a stolen bicycle on Harrison Avenue. The bicycle has not yet been recovered.

— On October 12, officers were dispatched to Harrison Avenue on report of a found handgun. The item was collected and found to be a BB gun. The item was secured in evidence to be later destroyed.

— On October 13, officers were dispatched to East Tenth Street on report of a stolen vehicle. The truck was left running while the owner was inside a nearby building.

— On October 14, officers arrested Tracey Moore, 26, of Leadville on an active felony warrant.

— On October 16, officers responded to Harrison Avenue on report of harassment. Ryan Ruegg, 40, of Leadville was cited for several charges including disorderly conduct and obstruction.

— On October 16, officers responded to a cold disturbance that occurred near the intersection of Elm Street and Chestnut Street. Chad Malear, 47, of Twin Lakes was arrested on domestic violence and assault charges.

— On October 16, officers responded to a noise complaint on East Fifth Street. No charges were pressed.

Individuals charged with a crime are considered to be innocent until they plead or are found guilty. Anyone listed here who subsequently has charges dropped or is found to be innocent can contact the Herald Democrat,, and updated information will be published once verified.

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