Sanitation District

The Leadville Sanitation District is planning to open two new RV dump stations along U.S. 24.

As visitation grows throughout Leadville and more families move to town, the Leadville Sanitation District is developing a master plan that will help inform capital improvements and building upgrades throughout the district that will roll out over the next 10 years.

According to Leadville Sanitation District (LSD) board member Dan Osborn, the district plans to spend about $300,000 on various projects throughout the next few years, many of which will focus on the district’s wastewater treatment plant, which is decades old. The master plan also addresses historical population trends and population projections in Lake County, of which Osborn said the district is expecting rapid growth.

“Really what we are trying to do is stay ahead of the ball,” said Osborn. “We want to get innovative in the way we manage the district and our hope is that a master plan will guide us in the direction we want to go.”

Outlined in the master plan, which is currently in a draft phase, is a list of capital improvement projects, including a new RV dump station along U.S. 24 south of Leadville. Osborn said that there have never been more RVs around town and that the current dump station, located adjacent to LSD’s office on U.S. 24, is inadequate in terms of functionality.

Presently, RVs seeking to use the dumping station have to line up along the interstate, and some experience difficulty accessing the narrow, directional lot. To address these issues, LSD is proposing to build two dump stations and a water station in the parking lot below Dutch Henry Hill, which the district owns, allowing for more space while dumping and less congestion along U.S. 24.

Osborn said LSD is working with the Board of County Commissioners and the Cloud City Ski Club, who utilize the lot in the winter, to develop a plan that serves multiple needs.

Osborn did not specify what type of improvements would take place at the wastewater treatment plant, which just took on two new employees, but the board member said system-wide assessments are underway that will inform the master plan, including tests of sanitation lines throughout Leadville.

In order to test the lines, LSD crews clean the pipes through a jetting procedure and use video technology to look for cracks, tree roots and other types of weaknesses that could lead to system failure.

In addition to capital improvements and building upgrades, the master plan alludes to potential funding mechanisms for many of the projects, including the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund and other types of state grants.

“This is an exciting time where a lot is happening in a short period of time,” said Osborn. “We hope to provide a service that is both reliable now and can serve Leadville for years to come.”

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