Main Street America is a national program that demonstrates the critical role that thriving downtowns play in securing a strong local economy for cities across the country.  In 2015, Leadville became part of the Main Street program through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. Excitement about the benefits of this opportunity have steadily grown ever since.

This month, the Leadville Main Street program was moved from the City of Leadville to the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation (LLCEDC). Local and state partners felt that this change will help to strengthen both organizations, align similar goals, and help to eliminate any duplication, saving financial resources.

Nancy Bailey, who was serving as a part-time project manager for LLCEDC, will assume the role of the director of Leadville Main Street, working out of the office at 400 Harrison Ave.

Bailey has held a variety of positions in community and economic development and nonprofit work. Her areas of expertise include workforce development, fundraising, community outreach, public relations, marketing and project management.

“I am honored and grateful to have this opportunity,” Bailey commented. “When I came to this area, I was overwhelmed by the deep sense of pride that residents and businesses have in our community. With the challenges brought by the pandemic and its economic impact, the time feels right to step up the Main Street activities to help businesses move forward. We will begin by evaluating the progress made, reaffirming the goals for Leadville, and implementing activities that will make downtown more attractive and welcoming than ever, serving residents and encouraging more visitors to see what Leadville has to offer.”

Community leaders often point out that sharing resources, building partnerships and strengthening relationships in an effort to build a successful Main Street program takes a total community effort. Bailey is excited about the many ways in which everyone can become involved to make the Main Street program work in Leadville.

Bailey will soon reach out to individuals and groups to engage their support and assistance with specific activities and events. The Main Street approach centers on activities related to four areas: design, organization, promotion and economic vitality, so there are many ways to match program partners with activities that suit their talents and areas of interest.

This is a program that can have a lasting impact. In many communities throughout the nation, the Main Street program has been a catalyst for downtown revitalization and economic diversification.

Leadville’s unique assets are the basis for a strong foundation on which we can build and grow, attracting new businesses and growing the ones that we are privileged to already have in our area. When employers seek a place to locate or relocate their business, it is a huge plus for our LLCEDC team to show them a unique, thriving downtown.  It sets the tone for the overall area and can us help attract new residents. Leadville already has so much to offer, and this program will add to its vibrancy.

Watch for information and surveys from Leadville Main Street that seek input on topics such as more parks, downtown shared spaces, the need for specific businesses not currently available and parking guidelines. Contact Nancy Bailey at for more information about the Leadville Main Street program.

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