St. Vincent Hospital is sponsoring the 9Health Fair on Saturday, April 4, 8 a.m. to noon at the Lake County Intermediate School. Low-cost and no-cost screenings and blood work will be available to establish baseline insights into your health, but the fair is not intended to replace regular visits to your medical provider and self-awareness of your own health.

St Vincent’s recommends everyone get an annual height and weight measurement, blood pressure reading, and flu shot. Here are additional recommendations:

Age 18-39

— A cholesterol check in your twenties, and then beginning at age 35 checking every five years if normal, annually if there are risk factors.

— Full-body skin check to examine for suspicious moles or skin lesions.

— Women should have an annual exam for breast lumps and a pelvic exam, with pap smears every three years starting at age 21.

— Testicular exam for men.

Age 40-64

— Continue the screenings above annually.

— Mammograms for women starting at the age of 40 and continued annually; if there are genetic or other risk factors regular mammograms may start earlier.

— Men should begin prostate screenings at age 50; high-risk individuals should start at 40.

— Fasting blood sugar levels for signs of diabetes.

— Colonoscopy should be completed at age 50 or ten years earlier than the youngest family member with colon cancer; with normal results, colorectal cancer screenings should be completed every 10 years.

Age 65+

In addition to many of the annual screening tests listed above, there are a few more to consider at age 65:

— Both men and women should have a bone density study every two to five years.

— Ask your physician about pneumococcal and shingles vaccination.

Check the Herald Democrat or St. Vincent Hospital Facebook page for details on the 9Health Fair, and register online at or in person at the fair.

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