The following information was provided by the Leadville Police Department (LPD):

— On January 14, officers responded to a dog versus dog attack on East Third Street. The investigation is ongoing.

— On January 14, officers were dispatched to Lake County High School on a report that a juvenile male student was threatening to release explicit photographs of a juvenile female. The investigation is ongoing.

— On January 15, officers responded to a trespassing call on Harrison Avenue. Alexander Brantley, 29, of Leadville was found in the garage of a vacant home and was told to leave.

— On January 16, officers responded to Mt. View Drive for an agency assist on a sexual assault call.

— On January 17, officers received report of a hit and run accident on East Fifth Street. Seth Moore, 18, of Leadville was cited.

— On January 18, officers arrested Brandon Gray, 24, of Leadville on Harrison Avenue for criminal mischief and felonious violation of bond condition.

— On January 19, officers received a report of fraud on Harrison Avenue. The case is currently under investigation.

— On January 19, officers were advised of a possible domestic situation on West Chestnut Street. Kyle Crawford, 32, of Leadville was arrested for domestic violence, harassment, simple assault and child neglect.

— On January 20, officers responded to Lake County Sheriff’s Office to assist with a sexual assault. The case is currently under investigation.

— On January 22, officers were dispatched to West Sixth Street on witness tampering. The investigation is ongoing.

— On January 22, officers responded to Mt. Columbia Drive to assist the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on a call of possible domestic violence in progress.

— On January 22, officers assisted the Lake County Sheriff’s Office with a disturbance on Mt. Lincoln Drive.

— On January 23, officers arrested Steven Devargas for a felony warrant. Devargas fled the police and was apprehended shortly after. He was later charged with obstruction.

— On January 24, officers responded to a call on West Chestnut. Alicia Butler, 26, of Leadville was arrested for violation of a protection order.

— On January 26, officers responded to Earl’s, at 115 Harrison Avenue, on a harassment of an employee call. Crystina Gomez, 29, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was issued a warning and was released.

— On January 28, officers responded to Harrison Avenue on a report who ran up a bill and then walked out without paying. The case is currently under investigation.

— On January 28, officers responded to Colo. 91 for an elk versus car scenario. Lake County Sheriff’s Office requested officers to respond for traffic control due to the animal being in the line of traffic.

— On January 29, officers responded to a report of suspicious activity at the Tabor Grand Apartments.

— On January 30, officers responded to East Seventh Street on report of a suspicious person hanging out on a front deck.

— On January 30, officers received a report of sexual misconduct on North Poplar Street. Carlos Rodriguez-Iriarte, 43, of Honduras was cited for unlawful sexual contact.

— On January 31, officers responded to a hit and run on Poplar Street. The investigation is ongoing.

Individuals charged with a crime are considered to be innocent until they plead or are found guilty. Anyone listed here who subsequently has charges dropped or is found to be innocent can contact the Herald Democrat,, and updated information will be published once verified.

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