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Members of the Herald Democrat’s staff are the recipients of three Colorado Press Association 2019 Better Newspaper Contest awards. Their dogs helped make it possible. From left is, Teddy, Editor Emerita Marcia Martinek and Lee-Lou, Advertising and Marketing Manager Stephanie Wagner and Oro, and Editor Rachel Woolworth and Ghost.

The Herald Democrat’s editorial and advertising staff members received three awards earlier this month in the Colorado Press Association’s 2019 Better Newspaper Contest.

Editor Emerita Marcia Martinek, who served as managing editor in 2019, won first place for best editorial writing. Her award was for a series of three editorials: “Best is better than first,” “On the Mendoza sentencing” and “Doing the right thing.”

Editor Rachel Woolworth, who worked as the Herald’s reporter in 2019, won second place for best sustained coverage. Woolworth’s reporting on the closure of the Lake County Jail, its impacts on Lake County’s judicial system and the quest for a new justice center won her the award.

“The Herald Democrat did a good job throughout the year educating and informing voters in the community about the state of the county’s civic facilities and the work of the justice center task force,” said the judge.

Advertising and Marketing Manager Stephanie Wagner and Amanda Christensen, graphic designer for Arkansas Valley Publishing, won second place for a health care ad for Cloud City Medical.

“Excellent layout,” the judge commented. “The photo draws you in, not too much copy but very clear.”

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