The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum has elected five new members to its board of directors. According to the museum, the five new board members each bring their own unique skills and experiences identified as needed to help the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) continue its mission to tell the story of mining, its people, its importance to the American public and to society’s sustainability.

William Wilson is director, executive vice president, and chief financial officer of Tuvera Exploration, Inc., and is an independent natural resource consultant. Wilson brings a background of operating and financial experience in the mining industry, including positions as president of Banro Corporation, Basin Perlite Company and New Horizon Uranium Corp. Wilson currently serves as the chairman of Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Engineering Audit Committee, is treasurer for the Denver section of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America and previously served as a chairman and board member of the Colorado Mining Association. He is the treasurer of the NMHFM Board of Directors.

Todd Myers is former senior vice president of marketing and business development at Cloud Peak Energy Inc., and served as president, chief executive officer, and director during the company’s final phase re-organization. Myers has over 30 years of mining experience, mainly in coal and the energy business. In addition, he has been a board member of the American Coal Council and a member of the National Mining Association Economic Committee and the Emissions Marketing Association.

Jason Nitz is senior manager of mine monitoring and control globally at Newmont Corporation. Nitz is currently leading Newmont’s operations improvement program across areas such as equipment automation, remote operating centers and operational technology integration. He has 16 years of mining experience, both open pit and underground, working mainly in engineering and technology roles in North America, Indonesia and Australia.

Mark Compton is executive director of the American Exploration & Mining Association. Compton’s recent work history has been focused on a variety of natural resource and government organizations, including president of the Utah Mining Association, government affairs manager for Northwest Mining Association, special assistant and field representative for an Idaho governor and congressman. Compton has a work history in forestry and resource management.

Michele Ashby is currently president and CEO of Corporate Directors International and Ashby Consulting Enterprises. Ashby has over 30 years of experience in finance and mining, including as a mining analyst and investment consultant, working with hundreds of CEO’s of public and privately held companies and large institutional investors to improve values and capitalize major projects. She has been on numerous public mining company boards since 2005. Ashby formed the Denver Gold Group and served as CEO and board member for over 18 years, developing the international trade association for gold producing mining companies and their largest investors from start up to industry institution. She has formed and served as chair, trustee, or board member on numerous nonprofit boards since 1988.

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