St.Vincent Hospital is getting ready for the opening of the new hospital this year by adding a layer of upper administrators .

Along with Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger, chief of staff, four have been promoted from existing positions at the hospital and serve under Chief Executive Officer Gary Campbell. Direct promotions with no internal or external postings were deemed to be the most efficient way to handle the matter, Campbell said.

“These new positions are designed to give additional support for all departments and these individuals will be given greater authority in decision making,” Campbell said, “This will allow many important officer-level issues to be handled even if the CEO is not on site.”

— Corbin Logan has been named chief operating officer/chief information officer at a salary of $104,000. Previously he was IT director and safety and security officer for the hospital at a salary of $83,200. Logan joined the St. Vincent team in 2015 as an IT support technician and was subsequently promoted to expanded roles within the hospital. He has an associate degree from DeVry University in electronics and computer technology, as well as plus training and a background in healthcare information technology.

— Karen Onderdonk is now chief branding officer at salary of $93,600. She was previously director of outreach and development at $83,200. In her early career, she worked as a video producer, writer, camera person and editor, both freelancing and owning a production company. She joined St. Vincent in 2012 as outreach and development director and also served as human resources director. She will continue to direct the St.Vincent Hospital Foundation, working as a grant writer and district board secretary. Onderdonk will graduate from Colorado Mountain College in May with a bachelor’s degree in leadership and management. She also holds an associate degree in media arts.

— Meg Schroeder is now chief nursing officer at salary of $120,000, up from the $90,480 she received as clinical operations manager. Her latest promotion came several months after joining St. Vincent. She has a bachelor’s degree in community health education with a minor in public heath from Illinois State University, studied for her master’s in health care administration from University of St. Francis, and received an associate degree to become a registered nurse. Her work experience has included roles as a wellness coach, ER tech, ER nurse and traveling nurse,

— Janet Petty is the new chief financial officer at $104,000. Formerly she was director of revenue cycle at a salary of $92,730. She has worked in health care and hospital revenue cycle for more than 30 years. Petty is currently completing a master’s degree in healthcare administration at Columbia Southern University.

Petty will work concurrently with Gene Kaberline, most recent CFO, for several months to transition the position, Kaberline was a contract employee. Campbell said Petty believes she can pull off the change without adding other staff members.

Campbell also said that after the new hospital is completed he anticipates an additional 50 employees.

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